Hosting events in Alberta since 2015, we combine the freedom of trail running, with the adventure that fun and challenging obstacles can bring to the experience.


The two mixed together creates a unique experience in Alberta's great outdoors.


The classic 5 Km trail run with 20 obstacles scattered throughout the course to bring a new level of fun and adventure to a beautiful day in Alberta's great outdoors.



An event for the strong-willed and unbeatable. This trail run will span over 6 hours and 10 miles and test your endurance with physical and mental challenges. The question is... will you break before the sun comes up?


Our obstacles take their inspiration from elements found in nature to create obstacles that will add variety to your run and a physical and mental challenge for your mind, body and soul. They may appear tough once encountered, but they are designed to be conquered by all who try. Some obstacles may be more demanding than others and we encourage you to ask for help from others to overcome them.

This year's course flows along the trails and landscape of the Alberta wilderness and river valley. We then pepper the trails with obstacles that may have you swinging through trees, jumping across creeks, climbing up hills, carrying logs, crawling through brush and helping friends over barriers. Mash it all together and you have a fun, adventurous and memorable experience in the great outdoors!

At Rise Up Challenge, you can race solo or work together as a team to get through the course. Meet new friends along the way or use teamwork to get through the many hurdles along the course and cross the finish line a winner. Whether you're new to fitness looking for a fun day outdoors with friends and family, or a seasoned athlete and weekend warrior looking to test their strength and conditioning or prepare for their next endurance race, or simply looking to experience something new - the Rise Up Challenge is for you!


  • 5Km course with 20 obstacles

  • Multi-lap endurance option available

  • Race open to ages 10 and up

  • All finishers receive a cool Medal, Bandanna and Pizza

  • Multi-lap participants also receive a patch

To sign up for our race, and secure your spot at the start line, click here!

Our Goal:

When we first started, we wanted to achieve one goal which holds true today.


Our goal was to help people reconnect with the environment and rediscover how much fun and joy they had in the good ol' days playing outside, breathing fresh air, soaking up the sun, climbing and getting dirty. As adults, we might call this exercise. By taking on Rise Up Challenge you are reconnecting with nature and the community, uncovering the beauty and wonders hidden throughout the city. If you look close enough you may learn the only gym you really need is outside your front door.

Tom D

It was an amazing day, I had a fantastic time, I was challenged and encouraged, had some super “team building” moments, felt very excited and happy to be able to finish.

Past Finisher

"Most challenging thing I have ever done!! Great group of people and great way to exercise!"

Nicole D

Rise Up was one of the toughest challenges I’ve ever had to go through! But with the support and encouragement of everyone involved (racers, volunteers, and staff). it was one of the best experiences of my life! A race that will forever be one of my best because it showed me what I’m actually capable of!


ready to take on an adventure?


reach out to us below

Connect with us Any Time:

P: 587.340.0425

E: info.riseupchallenge@gmail.com

A: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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